Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Jan 14, 2019

Can I ask you a question?

Are you having fun? Is there enough fun and joy in your life? Do you play? When is the last time you can remember having a lot of fun?

Every time I get groceries at the Whole Foods near me, I try to check out with Sandee. Do you know why?

Because instead of saying ‘Thank You’ like everyone else, at the end of the transaction she says, “have fun!” and sends you on your way.

Now, Sandee has varying shades of red or orange hair depending on what day it is and wears bright clothing and very serviceable combat boots. She is all of who she is.

What does that mean to you? Are you all of yourself? Or are there parts of yourself that you keep hidden?

Would those parts, probably your authentic parts, like to come out and play?

I bet they would!

Think about the last time you had fun, without your kids, without a glass of wine, without clicking on Amazon! OK, so none of these are bad. Of course not, but did you feel truly rejuvenated and alive afterwards?

When we play, we connect with all of ourselves as women. So, when is the last time you had fun doing something just for yourself – like: took a new way to work, tried new coffee shop, wore something a little different than black yoga pants, or black slacks?

Flirted with someone just because! Even if you’re married!

You know what? It makes everyone’s day and life so much juicer! Women are so busy doing – sometimes we forget the pure joy of play and having fun.

You say:

“I’ll save it til later.

“It’s not time to play until the weekend.”

“I don’t have time to goof around.”

“I have too much to do.”

Life can’t be 100% serious. We women turn brittle and cold if all we focus on is our tasks. Have a Coke. Take a walk. Play in a sandbox in the park.

Try it. And if you can’t think of anything fun, go to Whole Foods and look for Sandee!