I think it’s a fantasy in every woman to do something bold and brash and not nice, to burst out of themselves and social norms to get at some level of authenticity.

I think that’s what attracts people. I know that’s what attracts me.” 

Viola Davis, New York Times

Who is Leslie Cole

Hi! I’m Leslie Cole.. Im so glad you’re here. In my 25 year career as a Vice President for two global asset managers, I had the pleasure of bringing in millions of dollars for my employers, building amazing client relationships and creating my own personal financial independence. I got to a level I never dreamed I would! There was however, another side to my success. 

I discovered that success is sexy, until it isn’t! Though I hadn’t realized it then, there was a part of me I’d set aside to get ahead. My sexiness, my radiance and my softness. When I tapped back into that part of myself, my world changed! I once again felt fulfillment and satisfaction in my personal life, and my professional life sky-rocketed – I closed $1,3B in sales in one year!

After my success, I knew I had something important to share with other women to help them reclaim their authentic, feminine soft power. Now, I’m passionate about helping other women get back to themselves and live in more fulfillment and pleasure by discovering what really turns them on, lights them up and reconnects them to themselves. 
What are your desires and what truly matters to you?I’m so excited to hear your story. 

Soft Power Stories

I was unknowingly hurting my ability to communicate with my husband. I learned new approaches that have really improved my relationship and my satisfaction with it.

Abby T


I began working with Leslie at a pivotal time in my life when I was questioning a lot of fundamental things. Leslie guided me down a path to explore something I had forgotten and ignored, my femininity. Through patience and insight, Leslie helped me examine what my femininity meant to me and what role is plays in my life. I had no idea how vital it was to my wholeness as a woman.


Boulder CO

This was a celebration of femininity, getting in touch with my senses as a woman and living in my feminine self. This work made that bond with myself richer.

Sandra P


Working with Leslie opened some paths I didn't know were available. I learned some very expressive natural movement that felt empowering yet playful. My spouse responded quite favorably and enjoyed my taking new risks with intimacy, both us have benefited from a more rewarding level of closeness. Through this experience I learned that if I catch myself being too serious, focused and driven in the workplace, I can remember to let my softer, feminine side flow and glow.



I now stay focused on my body and feelings, enjoying the process of integrating my mind and body. I feel more playful with my husband and even in the workplace, and more present with everything I encounter.

Linda U


I’ve spent a lot of time in a traditionally male world. For many years, I was so busy proving that I could do all the things a man can do, I missed some big opportunities. Juggling multitudes of responsibilities left me depleted of energy. After working with Leslie for just a short time, I was ale to shift the energy in my romantic relationship back to a fun-loving and playful center.



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